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Electric Bed

Electric Bed multifunction is suitable for everyone with features:
  1. 4-Section Removable ABS Platform with Mattress Stopper
  2. 2-Section Truck Away ABS Siderails with Safety Lock
  3. Removal and Lockout ABS Head & Foot Board
  4. AC Power Socket and Removal Connector
  5. Battery Back-Up System
  6. Attendant LCD Control Panel on Footboard:Bed Exit Alarm System, Night Light Controller, In-Bed Digital Weight Scale System (kg / lb), Individual Digital Indicators (Backrest、Knee Gatch、Trend / Reverse Trend Angle、Hi-Lo Level), Electrical CPR Controller (Flat the Whole Bed immediately),Electrical Safety Lockout System, Bed Position Indicator, Power Indicator, Electronic Instruction Manual for Operation of Attendant LCD Control Panel,Bed Position Memory System,Chair / Flat Position.
  7. Four Independent Electric Motors
  8. Embedded Patient Controls on Both Internal Siderails With 4 sets of Leveling Controllers : Backrest,Bed Hi-Lo,Knee Gatch and Auto-Settee, Nurse Call System, Night Light Controller.
  9. Embedded Attendant Control Panel (ACP) on Both External Siderails
  10. Central Brake System
  11. Six Drainage Bag Hooks
  12. Electrical CPR Controller by the Both Sides of Bed (Flat the Whole Bed immediately)
  13. Six I.V. Pole Sockets
  14. Eight Retraint Strap Holders
  15. ABS Corner Bumper
  16. Standard Accessory:Removable I.V. Pole, Material:Stainless Steel SUS 304, Two-Step Height Adjustment:From 88 to 164 cm (Measured from bed surface), Two Hooks
  17. Four Traction Frame Sockets
  18. I.V. Pole Storage
  19. Auto-Settee
    Contact info for Electric Bed: CHANG GUNG MEDICAL SUPPLIER & EQUIPMENT CORP http://www.cgmc.com.tw

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Wheel chair Electric Scooter LK1036B

Weel of Electric Scooter LK1036BMax Continuous Distance: 30km
Max Running Distance 45kmAnti-tip Front Wheel: 150x25mm/6
Motion Controller
Drive System 2 DrivesClimb: less than 12 degree
Break: less than 1.5m
Noise: less than 65dB
Curtis PMC or Penning & Giles(P+G)
Driven Wheel: 320x60mm/14 (middle wheels)
Real Wheel: 200x50mm/8
Speed Max Forward Speed: 6.5km/h,Dimensions (WxLxH) 680x1190x1260mm
Packing 2 Cardboard Cartons
Creeping Capacity 12 degreeBackward Speed: 3.5km/h
Weight Capacity 125kgs
Net Weight 80kg 
Item Colors Scooter LK 1036B
Turquoise Blue,  White, Yellow, Burgundy , Silver, Red, Onyx Black or Gold.
Specification: 12V, 38Ah Qty: 2 EA Weight: 15kg x 2pcs Life Time: 500 cycles
Power Supply
Specification: 24V, 160-180WRpm: 3600 rpm
Current: 5A
Motor Qty: 2EA
Voltage: DC24V Type: Electronic/Magnetic Disk
Charging Time: 6-8 hours
Changing Current: 5A
Charger Input Electricity: AC220-110V
Warranty Period
One year with the exception of batteries or minor paint blemishes
20Container 54pcs
40Container 114pcs
Currency: USD
Delivery: within 30-45 days. 
Contact info of Wheel chair electric scooter LK 1036B:
Country/Region: China (Mainland)Company Name: POLY Wheelchair Factory
Street Address: Guicheng Town, Dinghu District
More details from 3w.poly-medical dot com

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